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    If you’re up for something different — the rarefied and hard to find — there’s also France. On the flip side of the wine-laden Rhône Valley is the Freakshow Festival. It’s not the biggest or the most cash-laden, but it is the oddest and best, starting with the locale: a town called Gigors, population 58. Part of the festival’s extended appeal: water from the creek, running down from the mountain to where the festival sits, is used for cooking, drinking and, if you show up a little earlier to lend a welcome hand, for irrigating the vineyards growing the grapes that make the festival wine. Locals cheese, bread, victuals. And the music? A serious mélange of coolly challenging postpunk rock, a heaping handful of the best-edged music anywhere.



  • Un article sur l'annonce de la programmation du FREAKSHOW 2014 :


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    sera aux Nuits Sonores de Lyon

    le samedi 31 juin 2014 à partir de 14h30



    PROGRAMMATION (en cours)